november 2012


Some unpublished pictures from my archive..

It feels soooo good to have finished the maths mock exam! I "celebrated" with baking chocolate chip cupcakes yesterday, which tasted delicious! I don't have any plans today, I think I'm going to watch the newest episodes from my favorite series and finish writing the chemistry report.. Have a great Saturday all you lovely people! xx


Men in Coats

This past week, I have been studying for a maths mock exam that I have on Friday.On the other hand.. I took this picture some weeks ago when I was in the city. The men look so stylish compared to the people around them! Felt a bit like Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) when I was taking it.. What do you think about the picture?


Lesson No.8: Wear Coat As A Dress

shirtGina Tricot coat yesstyle.com

As Anna dello Russo taught us in "Fashion Shower"; wear coats as dresses. The Christmas season is coming up, and instead of wearing thin dresses to parties or events, you can wear coats (the nicer ones of course). It's both clever and innovative, and in addition, it will keep you warm, which is important in the winter. But it depends on the event you're going to.. I wouldn't wear a coat toa New Year's Eve party for example..

The coat I'm wearing is my older sister's, but she left it behind when she moved to Oslo. I love that it's black and that it doesn't have a collar, which means that I can wear my own collared shirts with it. I also like the sequined shoulders. I've never liked studs, they're so overrated, but sequins on the other hand, I love them!






PreppyInBlack by tsiriano featuring brimmed hats

Three different outfits I created on Polyvore. They are all "my style", especially the first and the last one. I've never really liked the camo/army jackets, but they do fit some people (but not on me).. However, the outfit is pretty awesome!Which outfit is your favorite?


Eyes Closed

The camp this weekend was great to say it least and I'm so sad it's over! It was delightful to get some time off school and school work, and just enjoy the weekend with friends that I've not seen for months, cause they live all around Norway.

I hope your weekend was great too and that this week is going to be amazing!! x



sweatersecondhandskirtH&Mtights La MoteshoesH&M

I'm headed off to Oslo later today, since I don't have school tomorrow (or today).. Gonna visit my sister and then I'm off to a camp. It's gonna be so good to get some days off and not to think of school! And One Direction's new album is out tomorrow, I'm so freaking exited (andsuch a "fjortis")!!

Since I didn't have school today, I thought I could change my design a bit.. I get tired of headers with my face in it, so I just made a simple and clean design, without my face, simple as that. It's not perfect yet, so I guess I will make some changes when I get time for that.



I met my friend Diego the other day and wanted to take some pictures of him, since he looked rather cute! I love his Doc Martens, they're perfect for winter!

What do you think of me posting street style photos on this blog, in addition to my fashion/outfits posts? I feel that my blog is a bitmonotonous and kinda boring, so I hope that the street style posts will make it more exciting and interesting. Thumbs up or down?



In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I went to a swapping party. It was held by some students at "Studentsenteret", in connection with the International Week that was last week. I brought some old clothes with me and swapped it with things that I know that I will wear a looooot!

The three tops are totally different in style, but I love them all! My sister didn't want me to swap the white blouse, because of neckline, but I really liked it, so I swapped it anyway.
I'm most happy with the boots! I've looked for a pair of winter boots for some weeks now, but haven't found the perfect pair, but I think these are as close to perfect that I can get. They're Chelsea boots-inspired, but the ankle strap with the gold details make them a bit different.

I also got this frame with elephants in it. I love elephants and thought that this frame would fit perfect in my room (which it does).

Oh, and thank you, Mathea (www.alltidregn.blogg.no) for telling me about the event!


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