oktober 2012

Grey Turtle

blazerVero Modaturtleneck Cubuspants Cubus shoesConverse

Felt like James Bond in this turtleneck. I've used it so much already, it's so comfy and works with (almost) everything! If you don't have a turtleneck, buy one, it's a great basic piece for the fall/winter.

It's Halloween today, but I'm gonna use my evening to finish my "russekort", since the deadline is today.. Have no idea what to put or write on it.


Mini Coveteurs

This is so cute I might die!! If you're familiar with the big people in the fashion industry, like bloggers, stylists, icons.. I think you will enjoy this video! It's a video for the launch of the Covetour site, where you can see and shop fashion icons closets.

It might be wrong in a way, dressing kids in designer and expensive clothes, but I think it's really adorable!


Redesign & Reuse Show

Amalie Design

It was a redesign/reuse fashion show in the city today which I didn't know about till I was in the city. Designers and vintage shops showed their clothes which were either reused or redesigned. The concept is amazing and I support it a 100 %. The world we live in today is so materialistic and we throw away lots of things, which other people can use. Instead of throwing clothes away, we can give them to secondhand shops or make them into new clothes. In fact, I went to a swapping party yesterday, will show you what I swapped in the week that comes!


I like, I buy

Vero Moda



Just some things I've bought recently. I got myself a basic, grey turtleneck, since I've wanted one for ages, a shirt, since I love shirts and I can never have too many shirts, and the platforms were completely an impulse buy. I have no idea why I bought them, cause I don't even know if I like them or not. But if I think about it, they're kinda cute..

Got a test tomorrow, so I have to read for that.. Byee!


Denim Hearts

jacketthrifted dress shoesH&MscarfCubus bracelet Glitter

I basically live in black, it's a color I swear to, since it works with everything. I decided to lighten up the look with a denim jacket, pastel colored scarf and shoes.

It's Friday which means weekeeeend! This week has gone by so fast and now it's almost over. I'm not going to relax though. I'm going to spend the weekend with homework, since I have some tests and presentations next week.. Lucky me..




My family was invited to a baptism on saturday, and this is what I chose to wear. Decided to keep it simple with my LBD and some simple accessorize.



blazerH&Mshirt dressBikBoktightsCubusshoesH&MscarfH&MearringsGlitter

The sun shone the other day, so I used that opportunity to wear tights. It was a bit cold, but I don't like wearing jeans/pants, because they're tight.. However, I would rather be cold than wearing pants. Oh, and it was blowing that day, so the undergarment decided to say a little hello when the pictures were shot..Woopsie!


Current Obsessions

balenciaga sweater, bikbok peplum top, mango turtleneck, jil sander milton bag, cambridge satchel "gummy"

In the last couple of weeks, I've been craving these things so badly! It's a bad quality and a bad habit, cause I sometimes let them affect my days..

The sweater from Balenciaga is so fricking awesome!! I love the print and the bomber-ish look! Too bad I don't have 1995 euros in my wallet. But I guess I can deal with the cheaper versions from BikBok and Gina Tricot.

Peplum tops have been in for a while now, but I haven't really started to like them until recently. They give an amazing shape and I don't mind looking like a flower either.. Perfect for days where you don't want to dress up by wearing skirts or dresses!

When I was younger I used to despise the turtlenecks. I remember my mum used to force me to wear them in kindergarten. I hated the neck itself, cause I felt like it was choking me, but now I like the look it gives. Times change don't they?

Two other things I've been craving, are the bag from Jil Sander and the satchel from Cambridge Satchel. The Jil Sander bag reminds me of the paper lunch bags from the American movies. It's such a fun and unique bag, so is the satchel! McQueen, Chanel, Christopher Kane.. have all done transparent bags, but I think Cambridge Satchel has taken it to a new level! I love the neon pink details and could use some color in my wardrobe!


Golden Owls

cardiganH&MshirtZaraskirtH&MshoesH&Mring La Chic

An outfit I wore last week. It's the same skirt as in the previous outfit, but with a different styling. It's so versatile, so I must be careful not to wear it too much (which I definitely have done).. I've had a little Harry Potter marathon with myself, so the outfit is a bit Harry Potter inspired. All that's missing is a wand and a pair of glasses.

I got the ring from www.lachic.com, who were so nice to send me a few things. I don't usually wear rings like this, but I managed to incorporate it into my outfit and my style. The green color is so pretty and I really like the swirls around the "stone". It's basically Slytherin's ring!

And to end this post - thank you for all the kind comments! I appreciate every single one of them, and I do comment back, but it takes some time.. I wish I could use more time on blogging, but I have to focus on school, since it's my last year after all.


Clutch & Jacket

clutch & denim jacketthrifted

I went to a flea market last weekend and found a lovely clutch and the perfect denim jacket! I've been looking for a denim jacket for ages, and when I found this, I couldn't resist buying it. The wash and the color are perfect, so is the size - a bit oversized, but not too much. and the best thing; I didn't even pay 20 kroner for it!
And the clutch, I love the vintage-ish feeling I get of it. Clutches aren't really my thing, but I think it will look great together with my clothes!


Grey Dots & Hair Bun

shirtZaraskirtH&Mloafers Zara

My mind is completely blank while I'm writing this post. I have absolutely nothing to write about, so instead of meaningless text, I hope you enjoy my outfit!


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