september 2012


powder blue H&M, grey herringbone River Island, powder pink Jil Sander, contrast grey herringbone Topshop, black Topshop, beige wool Vince, light beige H&M

Give me these coats/jackets for fall and I'll be happy for life! I haven't found the perfect fall jacket yet, cause the ones I want are too expensive for my wallet.. I have so much things I want to buy, but right now I have to save money for Brasil, cause I'm going to Rio next summer!

ps. Do you have problems with showing the pictures on my blog? There are some people saying that the pictures won't show.. Please let me know!



I don't think I've walked out of the house withoutwearing one of these jewellery pieces these past weeks. I'm a sucker for silver jewellery, especially for the minimalistic pieces. Since my style is so simple, jewellery like this doesn't take away attention from my outfits.




This is probably the last time this year that I can wear this dress without a cardigan, cause it has been freezing outside lately!



Topshop Unique



Christopher Kane

Burberry Prorsum

I've never heard about Daks before, but I will continue watching their collections after seeing their collection in London, cause I really liked the clothes! The clean and simple lines and the polished looks really appealed to me. It's all in all a great collection! And I love the two first look over! The yellow cream jacket is so pretty!

I remember Christopher Kane's 2011 resort collection. I don't think any collection from him can top that off, but this collection came very close. Do you see the biker jackets, I N.E.E.D. them, they're sooo amazing!

Topshop Unique, Acne and Burberry, love they're collections as usual!



jacketBikBokshirt skirt shoesH&M

The white shirt and the black, pleated skirt are two of my most basic items in my wardrobe. I can pair them with everything, style them up or down, depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing. I found the "biker" jacket in the back of my closet. I don't like leather jackets, so I bought one in fabric instead. And it's more comfortable than a leather one, I must say..



coat, cardigan shirt glasses shoes H&M skirtMonkibagBaby Phat

An outfit from last week. My eyes are almost normal now, but I had to wear glasses last week, since they were a bit swollen after the allergic reaction as you may see in the last picture. Great excuse for wearing my awesome glasses, right?
I love tailored and black looks for the fall, (or for any seasons for that matter). Colors are not for me, especially not the bright ones, but I always change my mind when it comes to fashion.. And btw, I'm a H&M addict.



MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, Vera Wang, Rachel Zoe, Jil Sander

"Victoria, Victoria Beckham", Victoria Beckham, DKNY, Rebecca Minkoff

Christian Siriano

Alexander Wang

Over er noen av favorittshowene mine fra rets New York Fashion Week. Gleder meg allerede til sommer 2013, den kommer til bli fantastisk!

New York Fashion Week is now over and I must say that I got really inspired. A dream of mine has always been to attend a fashion show, whether in New York, London, Milan or Paris, or just all of them! But that's unlikely for me, I'm just a wannabe

I'm already looking forward to summer 2013, but I have to enjoy the fall first, cause it's my favorite fashion season!



Var innom tre H&M-butikker fr jeg endelig fikk tak i disse brogues'ene!

I've always wanted a pair of brogues, and yesterday I finally bought a pair. Had to visit three H&M stores before I found them, which made me five minutes late for class.. (Don't tell my mom).

And did I mention that I've gotten an allergic reaction? I've eaten nuts without knowing it, and now my face has swollen up and my eyes.. let us not mention them. Crossing my fingers for a normal face when the weekend comes!


You Need A Fashion Shower

Anna Dello Russo. She's surely something special. It's not often you see a 50-year old woman dress the way she does. Even though I think she's crazy, I admire her for being herself and not care about others' opinons.

Can't wait for her jewellery collection for H&M. I will most likely not buy anything, cause I'm saving money, but I'm looking forward to see the pieces in real life. And if you didn't hear the song, you missed something.. ehh.. let's say unique!


Red Lips, Pale Face

shirtGina Tricot jeans BikBok shoes Converse

Decided to wear stripes-on-stripes just for fun! Found this pair of jeans in the bottom of my jeans drawer. Haven't worn them so much since I got them, because of the bold stripes, but they're actually really cool! And you can never go wrong with black and white either!


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