mai 2013

Cheetahs On My Shirt

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Jeg hadde min siste skriftlige eksamen i gr, og det som gjenstr n, er muntlig som er om en uke. Og da er 13 r med skolegang over!!
Jeg s denne stygg-fine skjorten p et loppemarked og jeg kunne ikke ikke kjpe den. Den er s tacky, men sammen med gull creepers'ene mine, s er den faktisk utrolig fin! Liker at mnsteret er litt jungel-aktig, og at det er geparder p den. GEPARDER!

I think I'm gonna switch over to Norwegian from now on, but with some English elements now and then.. Hope you don't mind :)


Flowers in the Wood

dressBikBok flatsH&Mflower crowndiy

Not the best pictures to show you what I'm wearing, but you get the deal. I love that the sun is shining and that it's getting warmer, but that also means that hay fever is back, which I hate. Runny nose and red eyes are things that I would live without if I could.. Hope you're having a great Sunday!!

ps. I just made an IG, follow me? @xxTraN


Floral & Casual

watch in HD for best quality..

Heyaaaa! Sorry for the long break that I actually didn't mean to take.. I've been busy with school and being a "russ" (which was awesome!). It's just two exams and two weeks of school left, and then I'm done with high school forever! I will be fully back on the blog now, with hopefully one post a day. Btw, I made an instagram account, would really appreciate it if you followed me! @xxTraN


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