mars 2013


Can't still believe that I'm 19 today! My last year as a teen.. But anyway, hope you have an amazing spring break!!


Galaxy Leggings

shirtcubusgalaxy leggingsromwe flatforms h&mflower crown diy

If you know me or have read my blog(s), you know that I love the galaxy and the galaxy trend, and that I've done it for years. I've wanted a pair of galaxy leggins for ages now, and I finally bought one. The leggings are from romwe.com and they're called the "starry night print" leggings. I wanted the leggings to be the statement/the centerpiece in this outfit, so I decided to style it simple.


Spring/Summer Trends & Wishlist 2013


Spring and summer is approaching, but really slooow though, so I thought I could share my five favorite trends from the SS2013 runway.

Colored lace
Lace has always been in, but this spring it's all about the colored lace. There is no longer white lace for the day or black for the evening. You can now change it up and wear laced clothing in the color you want.

The Minimalist
Even though I love crazy, quirky and avantgarde clothing, I always tend to lean towards the minimalism. The focus on clean construction and architectural shapes is something that appeals to me and my style.

Pure White
White, white, white! It's a clean color and goes together with the minimalistic trend. I usually wear black clothing in the fall and winter, and when spring/summer comes, I'm mixing it up, and wear lighter colors instead.

Graphic Patterns
There was a lot of graphic patterns on the runway this year, from stripes to grids and plaid. The monochromatic trend is a part of this trend. The pieces are edgy and can be a huge statement in itself.

Ladure Colors

Ladure comes from a french bakery, which is known for their macaroons. The macaroons are in different colors and this is where the trend comes from.

everything's from chicnova.com


Spot the cat.. or maybe the cow?

jacketbikbokshirt, skirt, shoesH&Mbeanieebay

Love that the weather is finally starting to getting warmer!! I'm so tired of wearing jeans, boots, coats.. so I decided to wear my well-worn pleated skirt that literally goes with everything! I've been looking for a cat beanie for months now, but haven't found any that I like. As a last resort I checked ebay like I casually do once a week, and there it was, only 3 dollars. Bargain or what?


The High low/Dip hem Skirt | How I Style

I got this skirt from chicnova.com and wanted to show you how I style this skirt. It's a bit difficult styling it, considering it's longer in the back than in the front, but here are three outfits of how I would wear this skirt!

shirtbikbokskirtchicnova heels unknown

The dressy look
This is how I would style the skirt if I was going to a fancy event like a party or so. I love my collared shirts, so I just paired the skirt with one of my favorite shirts at the moment. If you don't have a shirt, wear a nice top/blouse instead!

sweaterh&m skirtchicnovaflatformsh&m

The casual look
And then we're jumping to the casual look - the everyday look. It's monochrome and boring, just the way I like it. Pair the skirt with a sweater and you're good to go!

sweatergina tricot shirth&mskirt chicnovashoes h&m

The warm look
People often store the high low skirt when winter comes, because it'll be so cold wearing it, so I thought I could show you a warm alternative. Layering is the most important thing to keep warm. Just layer up, whether it's a shirt under a sweater or a jacket over cardigan that's over a top and so on.. And to keep your legs warm, wear a pair of tights. Black tights can make the outfit very dark - wearing a pair of colored tights instead, will make the outfit a bit lighter.

What do you think of these kind of posts, do you want more of them? Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know! x


chicnova sent me this skirt to show you.

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