Can't still believe that I'm 19 today! My last year as a teen.. But anyway, hope you have an amazing spring break!!


Spring/Summer Trends & Wishlist 2013


Spring and summer is approaching, but really slooow though, so I thought I could share my five favorite trends from the SS2013 runway.

Colored lace
Lace has always been in, but this spring it's all about the colored lace. There is no longer white lace for the day or black for the evening. You can now change it up and wear laced clothing in the color you want.

The Minimalist
Even though I love crazy, quirky and avantgarde clothing, I always tend to lean towards the minimalism. The focus on clean construction and architectural shapes is something that appeals to me and my style.

Pure White
White, white, white! It's a clean color and goes together with the minimalistic trend. I usually wear black clothing in the fall and winter, and when spring/summer comes, I'm mixing it up, and wear lighter colors instead.

Graphic Patterns
There was a lot of graphic patterns on the runway this year, from stripes to grids and plaid. The monochromatic trend is a part of this trend. The pieces are edgy and can be a huge statement in itself.

Ladure Colors

Ladure comes from a french bakery, which is known for their macaroons. The macaroons are in different colors and this is where the trend comes from.

everything's from chicnova.com


The High low/Dip hem Skirt | How I Style

I got this skirt from chicnova.com and wanted to show you how I style this skirt. It's a bit difficult styling it, considering it's longer in the back than in the front, but here are three outfits of how I would wear this skirt!

shirtbikbokskirtchicnova heels unknown

The dressy look
This is how I would style the skirt if I was going to a fancy event like a party or so. I love my collared shirts, so I just paired the skirt with one of my favorite shirts at the moment. If you don't have a shirt, wear a nice top/blouse instead!

sweaterh&m skirtchicnovaflatformsh&m

The casual look
And then we're jumping to the casual look - the everyday look. It's monochrome and boring, just the way I like it. Pair the skirt with a sweater and you're good to go!

sweatergina tricot shirth&mskirt chicnovashoes h&m

The warm look
People often store the high low skirt when winter comes, because it'll be so cold wearing it, so I thought I could show you a warm alternative. Layering is the most important thing to keep warm. Just layer up, whether it's a shirt under a sweater or a jacket over cardigan that's over a top and so on.. And to keep your legs warm, wear a pair of tights. Black tights can make the outfit very dark - wearing a pair of colored tights instead, will make the outfit a bit lighter.

What do you think of these kind of posts, do you want more of them? Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know! x


chicnova sent me this skirt to show you.


This is how I looked from the shoulders and up on the senior prom (rosettball/russeball) last Tuesday. I wore a long, black dress with a sheer back, as you might see in the pictures above.. And since the dress was so simple, I wanted to wear my head piece from Zara to add the little extra. It's so gorgeous and I love the greek vibe it gives! I had curled my hair, but when these pictures were taken, (when I came home from the prom), they had gone straight.. That's the disadvantage for having Asian hair..


Lesson No.8: Wear Coat As A Dress

shirtGina Tricot coat yesstyle.com

As Anna dello Russo taught us in "Fashion Shower"; wear coats as dresses. The Christmas season is coming up, and instead of wearing thin dresses to parties or events, you can wear coats (the nicer ones of course). It's both clever and innovative, and in addition, it will keep you warm, which is important in the winter. But it depends on the event you're going to.. I wouldn't wear a coat toa New Year's Eve party for example..

The coat I'm wearing is my older sister's, but she left it behind when she moved to Oslo. I love that it's black and that it doesn't have a collar, which means that I can wear my own collared shirts with it. I also like the sequined shoulders. I've never liked studs, they're so overrated, but sequins on the other hand, I love them!


Eyes Closed

The camp this weekend was great to say it least and I'm so sad it's over! It was delightful to get some time off school and school work, and just enjoy the weekend with friends that I've not seen for months, cause they live all around Norway.

I hope your weekend was great too and that this week is going to be amazing!! x



In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I went to a swapping party. It was held by some students at "Studentsenteret", in connection with the International Week that was last week. I brought some old clothes with me and swapped it with things that I know that I will wear a looooot!

The three tops are totally different in style, but I love them all! My sister didn't want me to swap the white blouse, because of neckline, but I really liked it, so I swapped it anyway.
I'm most happy with the boots! I've looked for a pair of winter boots for some weeks now, but haven't found the perfect pair, but I think these are as close to perfect that I can get. They're Chelsea boots-inspired, but the ankle strap with the gold details make them a bit different.

I also got this frame with elephants in it. I love elephants and thought that this frame would fit perfect in my room (which it does).

Oh, and thank you, Mathea (www.alltidregn.blogg.no) for telling me about the event!


Mini Coveteurs

This is so cute I might die!! If you're familiar with the big people in the fashion industry, like bloggers, stylists, icons.. I think you will enjoy this video! It's a video for the launch of the Covetour site, where you can see and shop fashion icons closets.

It might be wrong in a way, dressing kids in designer and expensive clothes, but I think it's really adorable!


Redesign & Reuse Show

Amalie Design

It was a redesign/reuse fashion show in the city today which I didn't know about till I was in the city. Designers and vintage shops showed their clothes which were either reused or redesigned. The concept is amazing and I support it a 100 %. The world we live in today is so materialistic and we throw away lots of things, which other people can use. Instead of throwing clothes away, we can give them to secondhand shops or make them into new clothes. In fact, I went to a swapping party yesterday, will show you what I swapped in the week that comes!


I like, I buy

Vero Moda



Just some things I've bought recently. I got myself a basic, grey turtleneck, since I've wanted one for ages, a shirt, since I love shirts and I can never have too many shirts, and the platforms were completely an impulse buy. I have no idea why I bought them, cause I don't even know if I like them or not. But if I think about it, they're kinda cute..

Got a test tomorrow, so I have to read for that.. Byee!


Current Obsessions

balenciaga sweater, bikbok peplum top, mango turtleneck, jil sander milton bag, cambridge satchel "gummy"

In the last couple of weeks, I've been craving these things so badly! It's a bad quality and a bad habit, cause I sometimes let them affect my days..

The sweater from Balenciaga is so fricking awesome!! I love the print and the bomber-ish look! Too bad I don't have 1995 euros in my wallet. But I guess I can deal with the cheaper versions from BikBok and Gina Tricot.

Peplum tops have been in for a while now, but I haven't really started to like them until recently. They give an amazing shape and I don't mind looking like a flower either.. Perfect for days where you don't want to dress up by wearing skirts or dresses!

When I was younger I used to despise the turtlenecks. I remember my mum used to force me to wear them in kindergarten. I hated the neck itself, cause I felt like it was choking me, but now I like the look it gives. Times change don't they?

Two other things I've been craving, are the bag from Jil Sander and the satchel from Cambridge Satchel. The Jil Sander bag reminds me of the paper lunch bags from the American movies. It's such a fun and unique bag, so is the satchel! McQueen, Chanel, Christopher Kane.. have all done transparent bags, but I think Cambridge Satchel has taken it to a new level! I love the neon pink details and could use some color in my wardrobe!


Clutch & Jacket

clutch & denim jacketthrifted

I went to a flea market last weekend and found a lovely clutch and the perfect denim jacket! I've been looking for a denim jacket for ages, and when I found this, I couldn't resist buying it. The wash and the color are perfect, so is the size - a bit oversized, but not too much. and the best thing; I didn't even pay 20 kroner for it!
And the clutch, I love the vintage-ish feeling I get of it. Clutches aren't really my thing, but I think it will look great together with my clothes!



powder blue H&M, grey herringbone River Island, powder pink Jil Sander, contrast grey herringbone Topshop, black Topshop, beige wool Vince, light beige H&M

Give me these coats/jackets for fall and I'll be happy for life! I haven't found the perfect fall jacket yet, cause the ones I want are too expensive for my wallet.. I have so much things I want to buy, but right now I have to save money for Brasil, cause I'm going to Rio next summer!

ps. Do you have problems with showing the pictures on my blog? There are some people saying that the pictures won't show.. Please let me know!



I don't think I've walked out of the house withoutwearing one of these jewellery pieces these past weeks. I'm a sucker for silver jewellery, especially for the minimalistic pieces. Since my style is so simple, jewellery like this doesn't take away attention from my outfits.



Topshop Unique



Christopher Kane

Burberry Prorsum

I've never heard about Daks before, but I will continue watching their collections after seeing their collection in London, cause I really liked the clothes! The clean and simple lines and the polished looks really appealed to me. It's all in all a great collection! And I love the two first look over! The yellow cream jacket is so pretty!

I remember Christopher Kane's 2011 resort collection. I don't think any collection from him can top that off, but this collection came very close. Do you see the biker jackets, I N.E.E.D. them, they're sooo amazing!

Topshop Unique, Acne and Burberry, love they're collections as usual!



MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, Vera Wang, Rachel Zoe, Jil Sander

"Victoria, Victoria Beckham", Victoria Beckham, DKNY, Rebecca Minkoff

Christian Siriano

Alexander Wang

Over er noen av favorittshowene mine fra rets New York Fashion Week. Gleder meg allerede til sommer 2013, den kommer til bli fantastisk!

New York Fashion Week is now over and I must say that I got really inspired. A dream of mine has always been to attend a fashion show, whether in New York, London, Milan or Paris, or just all of them! But that's unlikely for me, I'm just a wannabe

I'm already looking forward to summer 2013, but I have to enjoy the fall first, cause it's my favorite fashion season!



Var innom tre H&M-butikker fr jeg endelig fikk tak i disse brogues'ene!

I've always wanted a pair of brogues, and yesterday I finally bought a pair. Had to visit three H&M stores before I found them, which made me five minutes late for class.. (Don't tell my mom).

And did I mention that I've gotten an allergic reaction? I've eaten nuts without knowing it, and now my face has swollen up and my eyes.. let us not mention them. Crossing my fingers for a normal face when the weekend comes!


You Need A Fashion Shower

Anna Dello Russo. She's surely something special. It's not often you see a 50-year old woman dress the way she does. Even though I think she's crazy, I admire her for being herself and not care about others' opinons.

Can't wait for her jewellery collection for H&M. I will most likely not buy anything, cause I'm saving money, but I'm looking forward to see the pieces in real life. And if you didn't hear the song, you missed something.. ehh.. let's say unique!


Fall Essentials

big and chunky scarves,

my yellow rain jacket,

cream and neutral sweaters,

colored jeans,

& dark and neutral nail polishes..

.. are five of many things I love about fall fashion.

I've been very busy with school these past two weeks and that has led to minimal time to blogging. I've missed sharing my thoughts and outfits with you, so I'm crossing my fingers for more posts in the upcoming weeks!


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