Cheetahs On My Shirt

shirtsecondhandvelvet leggingsH&M creepersonline sunniesH&M

Jeg hadde min siste skriftlige eksamen i gr, og det som gjenstr n, er muntlig som er om en uke. Og da er 13 r med skolegang over!!
Jeg s denne stygg-fine skjorten p et loppemarked og jeg kunne ikke ikke kjpe den. Den er s tacky, men sammen med gull creepers'ene mine, s er den faktisk utrolig fin! Liker at mnsteret er litt jungel-aktig, og at det er geparder p den. GEPARDER!

I think I'm gonna switch over to Norwegian from now on, but with some English elements now and then.. Hope you don't mind :)


Floral & Casual

watch in HD for best quality..

Heyaaaa! Sorry for the long break that I actually didn't mean to take.. I've been busy with school and being a "russ" (which was awesome!). It's just two exams and two weeks of school left, and then I'm done with high school forever! I will be fully back on the blog now, with hopefully one post a day. Btw, I made an instagram account, would really appreciate it if you followed me! @xxTraN


Galaxy Leggings

shirtcubusgalaxy leggingsromwe flatforms h&mflower crown diy

If you know me or have read my blog(s), you know that I love the galaxy and the galaxy trend, and that I've done it for years. I've wanted a pair of galaxy leggins for ages now, and I finally bought one. The leggings are from romwe.com and they're called the "starry night print" leggings. I wanted the leggings to be the statement/the centerpiece in this outfit, so I decided to style it simple.


Spot the cat.. or maybe the cow?

jacketbikbokshirt, skirt, shoesH&Mbeanieebay

Love that the weather is finally starting to getting warmer!! I'm so tired of wearing jeans, boots, coats.. so I decided to wear my well-worn pleated skirt that literally goes with everything! I've been looking for a cat beanie for months now, but haven't found any that I like. As a last resort I checked ebay like I casually do once a week, and there it was, only 3 dollars. Bargain or what?


What I Wore: Christmas Eve

How shall I start this post? Well.. I had plans to blog in the Christmas holidays, but I forgot all about that when the holidays started.. And when school began, I had to focus on school, since this is my last semester before university.

However, I miss blogging, so I will blog some now and then till I'm fully back, hopefully some weeks from now.. But in the meanwhile, here's avideo where I'm showing what I wore on Christmas Eve..Change the quality to HD!



Some unpublished pictures from my archive..

It feels soooo good to have finished the maths mock exam! I "celebrated" with baking chocolate chip cupcakes yesterday, which tasted delicious! I don't have any plans today, I think I'm going to watch the newest episodes from my favorite series and finish writing the chemistry report.. Have a great Saturday all you lovely people! xx



sweatersecondhandskirtH&Mtights La MoteshoesH&M

I'm headed off to Oslo later today, since I don't have school tomorrow (or today).. Gonna visit my sister and then I'm off to a camp. It's gonna be so good to get some days off and not to think of school! And One Direction's new album is out tomorrow, I'm so freaking exited (andsuch a "fjortis")!!

Since I didn't have school today, I thought I could change my design a bit.. I get tired of headers with my face in it, so I just made a simple and clean design, without my face, simple as that. It's not perfect yet, so I guess I will make some changes when I get time for that.


Grey Turtle

blazerVero Modaturtleneck Cubuspants Cubus shoesConverse

Felt like James Bond in this turtleneck. I've used it so much already, it's so comfy and works with (almost) everything! If you don't have a turtleneck, buy one, it's a great basic piece for the fall/winter.

It's Halloween today, but I'm gonna use my evening to finish my "russekort", since the deadline is today.. Have no idea what to put or write on it.


Denim Hearts

jacketthrifted dress shoesH&MscarfCubus bracelet Glitter

I basically live in black, it's a color I swear to, since it works with everything. I decided to lighten up the look with a denim jacket, pastel colored scarf and shoes.

It's Friday which means weekeeeend! This week has gone by so fast and now it's almost over. I'm not going to relax though. I'm going to spend the weekend with homework, since I have some tests and presentations next week.. Lucky me..




My family was invited to a baptism on saturday, and this is what I chose to wear. Decided to keep it simple with my LBD and some simple accessorize.



blazerH&Mshirt dressBikBoktightsCubusshoesH&MscarfH&MearringsGlitter

The sun shone the other day, so I used that opportunity to wear tights. It was a bit cold, but I don't like wearing jeans/pants, because they're tight.. However, I would rather be cold than wearing pants. Oh, and it was blowing that day, so the undergarment decided to say a little hello when the pictures were shot..Woopsie!


Golden Owls

cardiganH&MshirtZaraskirtH&MshoesH&Mring La Chic

An outfit I wore last week. It's the same skirt as in the previous outfit, but with a different styling. It's so versatile, so I must be careful not to wear it too much (which I definitely have done).. I've had a little Harry Potter marathon with myself, so the outfit is a bit Harry Potter inspired. All that's missing is a wand and a pair of glasses.

I got the ring from www.lachic.com, who were so nice to send me a few things. I don't usually wear rings like this, but I managed to incorporate it into my outfit and my style. The green color is so pretty and I really like the swirls around the "stone". It's basically Slytherin's ring!

And to end this post - thank you for all the kind comments! I appreciate every single one of them, and I do comment back, but it takes some time.. I wish I could use more time on blogging, but I have to focus on school, since it's my last year after all.


Grey Dots & Hair Bun

shirtZaraskirtH&Mloafers Zara

My mind is completely blank while I'm writing this post. I have absolutely nothing to write about, so instead of meaningless text, I hope you enjoy my outfit!




This is probably the last time this year that I can wear this dress without a cardigan, cause it has been freezing outside lately!



jacketBikBokshirt skirt shoesH&M

The white shirt and the black, pleated skirt are two of my most basic items in my wardrobe. I can pair them with everything, style them up or down, depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing. I found the "biker" jacket in the back of my closet. I don't like leather jackets, so I bought one in fabric instead. And it's more comfortable than a leather one, I must say..



coat, cardigan shirt glasses shoes H&M skirtMonkibagBaby Phat

An outfit from last week. My eyes are almost normal now, but I had to wear glasses last week, since they were a bit swollen after the allergic reaction as you may see in the last picture. Great excuse for wearing my awesome glasses, right?
I love tailored and black looks for the fall, (or for any seasons for that matter). Colors are not for me, especially not the bright ones, but I always change my mind when it comes to fashion.. And btw, I'm a H&M addict.


Red Lips, Pale Face

shirtGina Tricot jeans BikBok shoes Converse

Decided to wear stripes-on-stripes just for fun! Found this pair of jeans in the bottom of my jeans drawer. Haven't worn them so much since I got them, because of the bold stripes, but they're actually really cool! And you can never go wrong with black and white either!


Boyfriend Blazer

blazerH&M shirtBikBokjeans Cubus loafers Zara jewelryH&M, BikBok

First day of school went surprisingly well, except for the part where I had to take the bus.. But I'll just forget about that. I still can't believe that this is my last year of school and that I will be studying in an other city next year.

Decided to keep my "back to school"-outfit simple, yet edgy with the touch of red.



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