The High low/Dip hem Skirt | How I Style

I got this skirt from chicnova.com and wanted to show you how I style this skirt. It's a bit difficult styling it, considering it's longer in the back than in the front, but here are three outfits of how I would wear this skirt!

shirtbikbokskirtchicnova heels unknown

The dressy look
This is how I would style the skirt if I was going to a fancy event like a party or so. I love my collared shirts, so I just paired the skirt with one of my favorite shirts at the moment. If you don't have a shirt, wear a nice top/blouse instead!

sweaterh&m skirtchicnovaflatformsh&m

The casual look
And then we're jumping to the casual look - the everyday look. It's monochrome and boring, just the way I like it. Pair the skirt with a sweater and you're good to go!

sweatergina tricot shirth&mskirt chicnovashoes h&m

The warm look
People often store the high low skirt when winter comes, because it'll be so cold wearing it, so I thought I could show you a warm alternative. Layering is the most important thing to keep warm. Just layer up, whether it's a shirt under a sweater or a jacket over cardigan that's over a top and so on.. And to keep your legs warm, wear a pair of tights. Black tights can make the outfit very dark - wearing a pair of colored tights instead, will make the outfit a bit lighter.

What do you think of these kind of posts, do you want more of them? Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know! x


chicnova sent me this skirt to show you.


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Nora Viskjer

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01.03.2013 kl.17:14

Fine antrekk :D

Kaisa Elise

01.03.2013 kl.17:15

nice :)


01.03.2013 kl.17:23

love it! elsker det verste
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Annabell kvarme Sagevik

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S fint :) Du har bra stil!


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S fint skjrt :)

Rikke - Kommenterer tilbake!

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02.03.2013 kl.12:33

likte godt nummer to :)

Amalie Bjnhom

02.03.2013 kl.13:15

Likte veldig godt den frste kombinasjonen :)


02.03.2013 kl.18:18

Dritkult! Hvorfor har ingen fortalt meg at det finnes en s fin blogg som din?

The Hsk

02.03.2013 kl.19:14

S mange stilige mter style det p!


03.03.2013 kl.17:41

Du er s flink, du! Og s fin!!

Susann Bjerkseth

03.03.2013 kl.18:17

Utrolig kule alle sammen :)


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Moteikon! :D
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Christina S

10.03.2013 kl.12:33

S flink du er til kle deg:)

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